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  • RRSSC 85 December 4, 2017

    Interview with Graphic Designer Margo Nahas – Graphic designer Margo Z. Nahas is best known for her work on Van Halen's 1984 and Stevie Wonder's Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, along with albums by Seals & ...

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  • RRSSC 84 November 22, 2017

    A Tribute to Malcolm Young – We pay tribute to AC/DC founding member Malcolm Young, who passed away at age 64. AC/DC's Back in Black album has sold 23 million units in the United States. As part of ...

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  • RRSSC 83 October 30, 2017

    Tom Petty Around-the-Horn Setlist – In light of Tom Petty's untimely death, we create an around-the horn-setlist to celebrate his deep catalog. The opening grab bag portion of the show includes a debate on whether you'd want to ...

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  • RRSSC 82 September 28, 2017

    Interview with "Let's Play Two" Director Danny Clinch – Danny Clinch joined us to discuss his upcoming film, "Let's Play Two", which documents Pearl Jam's two nights at Wrigley Field during the ...

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