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He’s Gone Hagar: Rivalries and Reason Within MLB and Rock

In the Leadoff, we discuss the collapse of the ceiling at First Avenue in Minneapolis and our own somewhat harrowing experiences at concerts. In the Heart of the Order, we welcome special guest Susie Ochs from Macworld as we discuss rivalries in sports and music, choosing sides and rooting within reason. In the Bullpen Session, we share music from Galactic, Fu Manchu, The Sword and Vessels.


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Instagram Video of First Avenue Ceiling Collapse
Guns N’ Roses Riot at Riverport
Vince Neil Challenges Axl Rose

Bullpen Recommendations

Susie: Into the Deep (Deluxe Edition) – Galactic
Gabe: Dilate – Vessels
Levi: The Sword – High Country – The Sword
Jonathan: The Action Is Go – Fu Manchu

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