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Scouting The Who

The Who have been one of the most bombastic rock bands since the mid-1960s. While the trio of Tommy, Who’s Next and Quadrophenia is considered their most powerful output, we touch upon their entire catalog – from their debut 1965 album My Generation to 2006’s Endless Wire. We examine Pete Townshend’s perfectionist behavior, Roger Daltrey’s voice, John Entwistle’s underrated songwriting and the impact of Keith Moon’s death.

Betsy Blodgett is a serious fan of The Who. She joins us as we hold a fantasy island album draft and create an around-the-horn dream setlist for The Who’s upcoming performance at Desert Trip in Indio, California. Betsy also shares her personal live Who experiences.

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“Scouting The Who” Audio:


Our Who history – 2:00
Who observations – 6:45
Fantasy island album draft – 28:00
Dream Who setlist for Desert Trip – 35:15

Around-the-Horn Dream Setlist

The Who Setlist

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