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Double Threats: Singing Actors, Acting Musicians and Bob Uecker

The Beatles and Elvis were some of the first two-way entertainers – both on the stage and on the screen. In this episode, we discuss some of the lesser known attempts at juggling the two talents – from Bruce Willis and Don Johnson to David Johansen and Dwight Yoakam. We also discuss the various baseball players who have also taken the plunge into acting, notably Bob Uecker and various Mets and Yankees on Seinfeld. We wrap up with a casting of the 2016 MLB season, calling on the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Alec Baldwin to help fill out our film of the Cubs championship season.

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“Double Threats: Singing Actors, Acting Musicians and Bob Uecker” Audio:


Singing actors
Acting musicians – 11:30
Acting ballplayers – 24:30
Casting the 2016 MLB season – 29:00

Singing Actors vs. Acting Musicians vs. Acting Ballplayers

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