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2017 MLB Predictions, 1977 Lollapalooza

Guest panelist Ricky Cobb joins us again as we prepare for the 2017 MLB season. Ricky is the host of the Super 70s Sports podcast. In this episode, Ricky helps us decide which current Major Leaguers should be zapped with a ’70s ray gun and what acts would’ve played at a 1977 Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. Finally, we dig deep into predictions for the upcoming 2017 MLB season, including awards and playoff contenders.

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“2017 MLB Predictions, 1977 Lollapalooza” Audio:


Intro, Ricky Cobb
’70s Ray Gun – 11:10
1977 Lollapalooza Lineup – 20:10
2017 MLB Predictions – 27:25

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