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Artists to See, Games to Have Seen

We start the show discussing potential MLB expansion cities, gourmet stadium hot dogs (we even build our own) and this date in music history, which leads to a discussion of what one tour we’d want to have caught in the 1980s. Then we each share three bands that are on the top of our to-be-seen checklists. We follow that with three games of MLB’s past that we would have liked to have seen in person. Finally, we each share baseball cards.

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“Artists to See, Games to Have Seen” Audio:


MLB Expansion Cities – 1:45
Gourmet stadium hot dogs – 9:10
This date in music history – 20:00
1980s tour discussion – 25:45
Artists to see – 29:30
Games to have seen – 42:45
Show Your Cards – 1:05:45

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