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Field Guide to 1996

We look back on 1996 – a pivotal time for our music tastes and the beginning of a dark time for baseball. While we listened to new albums by Pearl Jam, the Black Crowes and Rage Against the Machine back then, we’ve since grown fond of Olivia Tremor Control, Zakk Wylde and Cowboy Junkies. The start of MLB’s super-steroid era resulted in ridiculous numbers across the league. Chris Hoiles hit the only cliche game-winning grand slam in MLB history and an obscure pitcher won the AL Cy Young award. Oh yeah, and the Yankees won their first of a few World Series titles.

Unfortunately, these are dark times for Major League Baseball. The Evil Empire in New York has been fully rebuilt, led not only by insufferable veterans like Paul O’Neill and Wade Boggs, but also by the nubile future stalwarts Andy Pettite and eventual Rookie of the Year Derek Jeter. (Whatever happened to that guy?) This is also the dawn of the super-steroid era with video game numbers. Seventeen players will hit 40 or more home runs and nearly 50 players will hit .300 or better.

We’d love it if you shared your thoughts of the year in the comments section. What albums or videos did you love then? What have you learned to appreciate since? You can also join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter (@rocknchoo), using #ChooChat.

“Field Guide to 1996” Audio:


What we discovered and liked then – 3:50
What we have since discovered and like now – 15:05
MLB veterans wrap up their careers on other teams – 28:25
The remarkable 1996 Cleveland Indians lineup – 31:20
Obscure players who raked in 1996 – 34:20
This Week in Baseball host Mel Allen passes – 39:34


’96 Album Releases
’96 Season Overview
’96 Billboard Charts
’96 MTV Awards

1996 Mixtapes

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