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2018 Choo-In Hall of Fame Inductions

Every year around the time of the actual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions, we hold the Choo-In Hall of Fame inductions. The Choo-In Hall of Fame is intended to recognize artists that are unlikely to be enshrined into the actual Rock Hall, but we feel are equally deserving of the recognition. This year, Gabe inducts folk pioneers Fairport Convention, Levi inducts acoustic guitar virtuoso Michael Hedges and Jonathan inducts multi-faceted bass player Mike Watt. Warning: No baseball content in this episode.

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“2018 Choo-In Hall of Fame Inductions” Audio:


Gabe inducts Fairport Convention – 2:45
Levi inducts Michael Hedges – 14:50
Jonathan inducts Mike Watt – 25:20

Gabe’s Fairport Convention Playlist

Levi’s Michael Hedges Playlist

Jonathan’s Mike Watt Playlist

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